One Mom’s Treasure Is Another Mom’s Trash?

Confession time – how much of your kid’s artwork do you really keep? I’m not talking about the carefully folded Mother’s Day cards, or special Christmas ornaments. I’m talking about the five pictures of Star Wars battles that came home from school; the egg carton caterpillar; the paper plate wreath with only one petal glued to it. You get the idea.


Of course when you have kids a good amount of clutter and chaos will occur. This is something I’ve been learning to deal with for the past 6 years (some days I still lust for pre-child minimalism). But what I can’t handle is when paper spills from the craft table and it finds its way on to the fridge, jams drawers, hangs loosely from bedroom doors, and even gets tacked to office walls because there’s no where else for it to go.


So about every two weeks I do a secret sweep where piles of papers with layers of stickers, and coloured shapes get put in the recycling bin. It’s not that I don’t value their art. For each and every piece that is handed to me I take the time to admire and acknowledge the work that went in to it. It’s just when that piece is quickly replaced by another, and then another, it’s like being consumed by a Crayola tsunami.


One solution to show appreciation, but keep from drowning in paper, is the kid art wall in our playroom, which is currently featuring “The Ninja Series” by Jack Archer Walsh. This lets the kids pick their favourite pieces for display, and gives mom some peace of mind. Admission is free by the way.