A Blog About a Dog (Warning: Hoards of Photos)

photo 10After all the regular check-ups at Lola’s annual vet appointment, and getting a clean bill of health, he turned to me and said “Wow, are you ever lucky that you’re getting those bonus years.”

For a breed that usually maxes out at eight or nine years, we are lucky to have had 10 – a milestone birthday Lola is marking today.


Lola joined Tyler and I when she was already over two years old, and had two litters of pups behind her. Her “family” was done using her for breeding, so she was retired from her matronly duties. After seeing her partner – an all-white hefty, burly bully – am sure she has since been ever grateful to us.


She was our first “kid.” She came with me to work on a daily basis, we went on long walks in the field together, she came to the drive-in, and family dinners. Sometimes on a lazy morning she was even allowed to sneak on to the bed.


Less than a year later, Jack was born. While most families fret about how the dog will react to the new infant, or how you’d make time for both, I never had any fears. I trusted her with my new boy, and we now had a little bundle to take on our walks together.

Lola became Jack’s first best friend.


And of course she became his protector.


When Noah came along she added him to her brood willingly even though that meant less frequent walks, interrupted sleep, and more little fingers poking and pulling at her wrinkles. She took it all with grace and good humour.

IMG_2533IMG_2760DSC00782DSC00973photo 1DSC01984

Lola has always been a good sport even when the laughs were at her expense.

DSC01559DSC01606IMG_1197photo 12photo 11

As she’s aged over the years we’ve seen her face grow a little greyer, and a little longer. We’ve seen her move a little slower, and a little stiffer. But she’s certainly no sad sack senior.

photo 2DSC02376photo 3

We are lucky to have had 10 years. Ten years of farting, drooling, snoring, chewing toys, destroying water bottles and balls. Ten years of being the most loyal friend, family protector, source of humour, and constant companion. Ten years, two kids, two cats, and a lot of memories. Ten years, and more to come – those bonus years.

Happy 10th Birthday Lola.

photo 13