Minecraft – The Birthday Realm

When Jack told me he wanted a Minecraft theme for his sixth birthday I have to admit I had to turn to Google to find out even what that meant. Turns out about the majority of boys ages eight to 13 seemed to have had a party based on the popular video game in the last year so there were a lot of blogs and Pinterest pages to nab ideas from. Granted I’m not that crafty I think I, along with the help of child-wrangler Tyler, pulled off a pretty sweet party.

I tried my hand at an iron sword from a great YouTube tutorial, as well as a Steve head from the same poster. The printables can be found here and here.


I ended up realizing making seven swords, or seven Steve heads might be a little more than time consuming, so I made one of each and integrated them as party props. The rest of the guests got creeper masks simply made with a green gift bag and some black tape.


What I gather about this game from the small bit of research is that along with battling creepers, and creating things from pixelated looking blocks of wood/brick/wool, you’re looking to collect things. Diamonds are considered one of the most valuable items, so we thought kids could win diamonds for completing games, and then trade them for other “supplies” later on (candy blocks, chocolate rocks, “gold” or TNT, which was red licorice).


With two hours to kill and seven boys to entertain we decided we needed several games to keep them happy and moving.


The first game with pin the tail on the pig (you can collect livestock in the game). Players had to wear a Steve head while trying to place their tails. The three closest players got a diamond.


The next game was creeper toss. Players had to throw an object through one of three different size holes for points. Yes, we used rolled up socks, but no one seemed to mind – they were clean.



The third game was something Tyler and Jack came up with – creeper smash. What six year old boy doesn’t like to destroy things?


Basically we built a creeper out of boxes and everyone had to throw a ball to see if they could knock it down. If you did you got a point. The team with the most points got diamonds, of course.



The final game, which was probably THEE most popular and THEE easiest, was tower build. After the creeper was destroyed we divided the boxes, or “blocks” amongst two teams and they had to build a tower using all the items. Whichever team got theirs built first won – you guessed it – diamonds.


The kids had to great creative as most of them were too short for the final block. But they finally found things to stand on for that last level.



By this time everyone had a few diamonds (we made sure everyone was even), and they lined up to trade their jewels for candy. I was quite surprised that most of them wanted to keep the blue plastic diamonds instead of taking the candy. I guess the other parents would appreciate that choice as well.


Luckily after all the playing the boys were ready for pizza, and juice in creeper cups. A lot of blogs/Pinterest pages have amazing food tables with signs for each food item (see here, and here), but we realized a pile of grade oners just wanna get through the food and back to playing so we went the simple route.


Now, no matter the birthday theme we’ve made it a tradition to have a piñata. Kids usually take a few wacks with the mask on, but these ones from The Bulk Barn are pretty strong and usually require mask-less hard hits. It’s always fun to see them scramble when the candy comes flying out.


With all the candy from the trade-in table and out of the piñata, no one really wanted cake. They just wanted to play.


So I nabbed one photo before they went wild. And, luckily that was only 10 minutes before parents came to pick them up.