Race Day Ready

Myself, like hundreds of other Manitobans, are heading into the final stretch of training for The 35th Manitoba Marathon this Sunday. We’ve begun to taper, hydrate, and mentally gear up for the task ahead, whether it be 2.6 miles, a relay leg , 13.1 miles or the full 26.2.

With the miles already logged the last bit of prep is the most important – what are you going to wear on race day?

DSC01918Clothes – The rule is never wear something new on race day, so I’ve already got some old favourites picked out.

Tank: Lululemon’s Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback – I love that it’s longer and doesn’t ride up as I run. Of course it’s made with a great wicking material, and the seams lay flat, so no skin irritation. And, hot pink, come on.

Pants: Lululemon’s Beach Runner Crop – Again, great wicking material, and flat seams. Side pockets are deep enough to store my chews without them wiggling free.

Shoes: Mizuno Wave Nexus – This is my second pair of Mizunos, and while they are considered a more stability shoe they seem to be flexible enough, and don’t make my feet feel weighted during long runs. And, again, hot pink!


Tech Stuff – I haven’t taken the plunge and bought a fancy Garmin, so I still use my iPhone to keep me on pace, and the tunes pumped.

iPhone with Map My Run app: I’ve tried other GPS running apps, and  I always come back to Map My Run. The GPS and estimated pace seem to be the most accurate. Plus, there are many different options for the voice prompts – split times, distance, average pace, current pace, etc… in either miles or kms at the interval of your choice.

Belkin EaseFit for iPod arm band: While it’s meant for an iPod, it does hold my iPhone 4 well. The material keeps moisture away from the phone. Plus, it was one of the only arm bands I could get tight enough around my bicep.

Skull Candy Ear Buds: Will not fall out of my ears and delivers great sound.

DSC01927Other Goodies – For a long time I ran with no water (yikes), but once I got to the 10-mile mark I knew I should hydrate and play with some extra energy boosters.

Water Bottle: Yep, a straight up water bottle I carry in hand. I can’t stand the fanny pack style holders.

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews: I can’t even look at a GU, so I thought I’d try something that seemed a little easier on the stomach. These chews taste pretty good, are soft and easy to chew (no need to chug water after to choke it down) and  contain naturally occurring fibre and protein.


Good luck to everyone running on Sunday. Finish strong. And remember, the faster you run, the faster you’re done.