Stacks of Skulls

If you know me, you know I have a love of skulls. It’s kind of become “my thing” over the years.

My mom will tell you I always liked things that were “a little different,” but I can’t for certain tell you why I began my cranial collection. It has nothing to do with being morbid. It doesn’t hold any meaning (although I do love the subtext of La Calavera Catrina). To me it’s simply edgy fashion.

And, when I think skulls meets fashion, I think of one man – Alexander McQueen. Since Kate Moss first wore that iconic print in 2004, the gothic romantic designer reworked it through many of his collections and jewelry lines.


But no piece procured a cult-following like the skull print scarf, which still gets re-invented every season with different colours, print techniques, and fabrics. While I have yet to own one (someday, someday…), I have picked up several look alike pieces, and branched beyond into blouses, bags, and books (not for reading, purely for aesthetics).







When it comes to skulls my one rule is keep the rest soft. My all time favourite skull piece shows this juxtaposition perfectly.


Nothing like a sweet, soothing baby Jack to off-set this print.

Like skulls? How do you wear them?


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